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With my son, I worried about how the world would receive him; that he would be teased and hurt. But just as there was a difference in how my daughter was received when she wanted to dress up like Darth Vader for Halloween vs. Only immediately family gave him Frozen themed presents during the holidays and even then many of those gifts featured the male characters. For my daughter, however, she was just inundated with princess gear for her birthday.

I take pride in the fact that both of my kids play fluidly with toys that are outside their traditional gender norms.

A tale of two princesses: my 3 year old son vs. my 3 year old daughter

But this takes a lot of work on our part as parents. We want both of our children to paint their nails if they want to; to play in the dirt if they want to; to wear dresses if they want to; to wrestle if they want to. I must admit, however, I find myself giving my kids extra encouragement in the moments they choose to step outside of their traditional gender norms.

I do this to counter act the messages they are receiving at school, on TV and in the world.

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I just cringe knowing how much influence our society has on kids. My hope for my children, and all children for that matter, is that they feel supported throughout their journey in discovering who they are and that they feel loved no matter what. I hope we can smash the gender binary and help our kids feel empowered to make choices regardless of their assigned gender at birth. I hope more parents can stretch and grow beyond what they were falsely taught about boys and girls growing up in order to better support all kids, whether they are their own or not.

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How do you handle gender norms with your kids? This post was originally published on A Striving Parent. Become a member. Sign in. Get started.

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When we think of Disney princesses, we think of beauty and song. Disney has received major criticism because some feel as though the model for Disney princesses perpetuates a weak female image.

Disney is one of the largest media companies in the world. Growing up, I watched a fair amount of television. All of which, starred mostly male characters. All of my teddy bears had boy names, the gender neutral characters in my books were boys, and I even called my female cat a boy. This essay will first analyze Waskos argument of synergy, control and cross promotion, by drawing upon the works of several authors, and providing readers with examples from both original fairy tales and modern day fairy tales.

Lastly, the influence Disney has on both culture and gender will be accessed,. Walt Disney films have been consistently ridiculed for their stereotypical gender portrayals since their first movie release in and have fought critics with a timeline of movies transforming their original princesses into a more individualistic approach. This timeline begins with the help of one of their earliest and most popular movies, Cinderella.

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Cinderella was released in by Clyde Geronimi, around the same time frame as the civil rights movement. During the last year of the 20th Century.

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Yet, do these fairy tales portray love and women differently than how we see these topics in modern day? The presentation of women in these fairy tales changes the way little girls understand their gender, their role in society, and more importantly what qualities of women are looked upon highly by society.

A tale of two princesses

The story of Cinderella, a classic fairy tale, is the tale of a girl named Ella who is left with her evil stepmother and sisters after her. Modern fairy tales are about Alice falling down a rabbit hole, into Wonderland, or Dorothy traveling to Oz. The old classics are Cinderella and her glass slipper, or the adventures of Peter Pan in Neverland. These are stories that are suppose to teach younger to be good when they grow up. It teaches them to follow their dreams and express themselves.

It's wonderful way to teach children how to read and how to dream. Fairy tales have repetitive dynamics to them. These critics fears stem all the way back to the original Disney princess trio: Snow White, Aurora, and Cinderella. These poor girls were almost completely two dimensional characters. They had absolutely no character development even though they all went through some type of tumultuous ordeal and then ended up being rescued and becoming a passive housewife to a guy they barely knew.

Kay Stone in a article. Frozen received many prestigious awards in the film community, such as Academy Awards and Golden Globes.