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We have not yet received the minimum number of surveys for this provider, or this provider is a researcher who only sees a limited number of patients in clinic. To learn more about this survey, visit our about the Press Ganey Survey page. My specialty is treating children with co-occurring medical and psychiatric conditions. Modalities can include individual, family, and group therapy.

My research interests are applied clinical research to assess efficacy of treatment programs and identify ways to improve quality of care provided to patients and families, factors that promote resilience, factors associated with post-traumatic growth, and patient and family factors associated with clinical presentation, response to treatment, and treatment outcome.

She is outgoing, fun, beautiful, and she knows how to cheer someone up. She is the type of person who puts others before her even when they don't deserve it. Alyssa is one of those amazing people that you would meet and would never want to lose. If you come across a best friend named Alyssa, well then your in luck!

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She has two sides to her. She can be the most graceful and loyal girl you could ever meet, then in a split second she can go all gangster on you and rap battle you to ever lil Wayne or Tupac song.

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She is someone you cannot lose. Alyssa is the best damn thing that your eyes have ever seen. Type of girl who will always be by your side and never give up. She's insecure and has problems but focuses her attention on helping others first.

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She is almost TO kind and TO sweet that which she gets taken advantage of. Wants to be loved and make others feel loved. Hate being alone.

Loves dogs. Alyssa is so sweet , she always helps me.

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A beautiful, kind yet stubborn girl who has a contagious high- pitched laugh. She can be over dramatic and crazy at times but that's what makes her beautiful. Boys fall head over heels in love with her after meeting her for the first time. You try to mask it, hide it, keep very private and guard it. I was afraid that my artistry would be overshadowed.

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I wanted to be a businessman, choreographer, director. Would I still be an inspiration to these children? I had so much anxiety walking into that studio after people realized I was doing drag, living a double Hannah Montana life. They thought it was taboo.


I walked in there sick to my stomach and thought, this could be it. Everything you love and everything that you built and fought for, this could be it. And that I need to be a leader. So how did your town react once they saw you in full Alyssa Edwards mode? I walked into the studio with my shoulders back and my head held high.

It was like a quiet scene in a movie where they all looked at me and just slowly started clapping.


I get chills even thinking about it because I didn't know how the city of Mesquite would respond to seeing me on TV all crazy and funny. They not only appreciated it, but they fell in love with it. How did they not previously notice? They knew me as Justin from Texas, until they met Alyssa.

It does get better. You're juggling so many projects now. Next spring, you're hosting "Camp Tazo" with Tazo Tea. C hosen applicants for this new program will literally go camping with you, and you'll help them step outside of their comfort zones through a series of workshops. That feels very on-brand for you. When this opportunity came across my desk, I thought about walking into the spotlight as a kid, and now sharing my story as an artist. We went on to shoot the campaign and that was me trying something new. Can you imagine me in drag canoeing?