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ARCHIVED - Ten new defibrillators at Cartagena schools Primary school teachers in Cartagena are to be trained in how to use the machines As more and more defibrillator machines are installed in public places throughout the Region of Murcia the Town Hall of Cartagena is adding ten more to public schools.. ARCHIVED - Cartagena police mobile speed trap locations 15th to 21st January Radar speed gun locations in the city of Cartagena and the rest of the municipality The local police force of Cartagena operate a system of mobile speed traps which move around the municipality every week with their mobile "multa cars"..

ARCHIVED - Cartagena police mobile speed trap locations 8th to 14th January Radar speed traps in the city of Cartagena and the rest of the municipality Cartagena police operate a system of mobile speed traps which move around the municipality every week with their mobile "multa cars" multa means fine. Cuadrillas from.. Murcia possesses a number of regional parks, each one offering a unique eco-system with its own characteristics, ranging from..

ARCHIVED - Repairs to historic wall in Cartagena completed after collapse of 20, kilo branch The Muralla de Carlos III encloses the historic old quarter of Cartagena One of the side effects of the prolonged three- year drought suffered by the Murcia region has been the increased number of trees suffering from heat exhaustion and throughout.. This tour visits the City of Cartagena.. ARCHIVED - 15th to 20th February football fixtures at La Manga Club, Los Belones Cartagena Spectators welcome: Come and see the international stars of the future in these training friendlies Training camps continue at the football training centre of la Manga club this week, with the following matches scheduled for the next few days.

Murcia possesses a number of regional parks, each one offering a unique eco-system with its own characteristics, ranging from the salinas park in San Pedro del Pinatar, which.. Start time: Thursday 15th March at As part of the cycle of musical evenings in the..

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ARCHIVED - 17th and 18th March Independent design fair Cartagena El Batel hosts a fair full of creativity with 28 artisans and craftsmen participating The El Batel Auditorium in Cartagena will be filled with creativity over the weekend of 17th and 18th March as 28 artisans and craftspeople gather to promote their wares..

Come along.. ARCHIVED - 22nd April free lunchtime music in Canteras, Cartagena This is the last in a cycle of open-air lunchtime unplugged events on Sundays this spring in Canteras During April two further concerts out of a series of four concerts are to be held at the Centro Juvenil in Canteras, just a few kilometres west of the.. Dance schools, educational schools and cultural.. The fair is open from Jose Luis Meseguer, Prior registration is essential as places are.. The main action is on the waterside, at the Naval Museum end, where a stage will be installed alongside the..

Summer is usually the time of year when most burglaries take place in Spain, with thieves taking advantage of the fact that many people leave their homes for July and August in order.. Please note that theatrical nocturnal visits are in Spanish The series of regular free Saturday morning workshops held at Leroy Merlin stores all over Spain continues in Murcia and Cartagena on 30th June with an activity showing..

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The concert is free of charge and starts around after.. Click for full programme: Mar de.. Click for full programme.. The evening begins at Caravanning La Manga lies within the Cartagena municipality, and is a hugely popular camping site which offers permanent sites, camping for vehicles and also rents out.. There is no need to book; just turn up.

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Click for full programme: Mar.. ARCHIVED - 11th August, free workshops at Leroy Merlin in Cartagena and Murcia: renovating and re-painting interior doors Smarten up your home for autumn without the need to buy and re-hang doors The series of regular free Saturday morning workshops held at Leroy Merlin stores all over Spain continues in Murcia and Cartagena on 11th August with an activity showing how to.. The event begins at The performance.. This is not a single.. This is an interesting demonstration showing how fishermen would historically have..

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A Romeria is the act of taking the figure or image of a saint from.. Looking after toddlers and young children can be something of a headache, and all the more so if they cannot be allowed to wander from room to room within the home due to the dangers of them opening.. The tour takes place every.. ARCHIVED - 1st and 15th September:Theatrical evening tour of the Roman Theatre Museum The Roman Theatre Museum in Cartagena is adding a series of nocturnal theatrical visits to the other guided visits taking place this summer, giving visitors a chance to see this vast theatre complex at night see feed below for other summer activities Please note that theatrical nocturnal..

ARCHIVED - 8th September, free workshops at Leroy Merlin in Murcia and Cartagena: repairing wall and ceiling damp damage Unsightly and stale-smelling patches can easily be treated and removed The series of regular free Saturday morning workshops held at Leroy Merlin stores all over Spain continues in Murcia and Cartagena on 8th September with a workshop focussing on the.. Presenta: Lila Zemborain. Do activists need to change tactics? Have they changed tactics? Is civic disobedience now more crucial than ever?

To this end, the graduate students in the Department of Spanish and Portuguese Languages and Literatures at New York University are pleased to invite you to our conference, taking place April Two days of dramatized readings by four Latin American writers, on Wednesday 10 and Thursday 11 April at p. She has also taught at American universities, and has written academic papers and participated in numerous educational, cultural and editorial projects.

Eighty year ago, on April 1, , the Spanish Civil War was officially declared over. One of its many tragic outcomes was the exile of as many as , people. Some of those fleeing, like the poet Antonio Machado, would die during the exodus or shortly after. Many others did their best to start new lives in France, North Africa or the Americas, almost always dreaming of someday returning to a free Spain.

Kirmen Uribe is a Basque language writer, and one of the most relevant writers of his generation in Spain. The languages into which the novel has been translated already exceed fifteen, including French Gallimard , Japanese Hakusui Sha and English Serenbooks.

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Art and culture have been central to these processes, both to expediting gentrification and to strategies of resistance and Latinx place making. This is evident in the role art galleries and culture-based developments have played in the gentrification of urban cities as well as in the rise of Latinx artistic interventions that place culture and place-making at the forefront of their practice.

It shows us how women took the walls of a prison and in doing so, radically transformed prison space and prison time through a unique coming together of art, justice and education. Introduced by Felipe Vara del Rey NYU Tisch, Film About the Film: The story of two men on different sides of a prison riot — the inmate leading the rebellion and the young guard trapped in the revolt, who poses as a prisoner in a desperate attempt to survive the ordeal.

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Through detailed studies of popular music, collective readings, dramas, working-class manuals and fiction, Vialette reveals how depictions of urban philanthropic activities can inform our understanding of interactions in the economic, cultural, religious, and educational spheres, class power dynamics, and gender roles in urban Spanish society. Coordinator of curricular innovation from the gender, critical theory and cultural critique perspectives in Graduate Studies at the Humanities at UNAM until today.

The lineup strikes a delicate balance between emerging talent and established filmmakers, as well as between commercial and independent productions. By featuring a variety of genres, languages, and geographical origin, this showcase brings North American audiences a glimpse into the state of the art in contemporary filmmaking from Spain. Julio Ramos has written extensively about literary and visual culture in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Diamela Eltit is a groundbreaking Chilean novelist, essayist, critic, and university professor. She has been awarded with the Premio Nacional de Literatura de Chile. In appeared his second EP Ara que tinc vint anys with the songs Ara que tinc vint anys , Quan arriba el fred , El drapaire and Sota un cirerer florit.

In his first LP was released Ara que tinc vint anys which included some songs from previous EP recordings, as well as Balada per a un trobador , Els vells amants and Els titelles. The following year, Spain entered Serrat in the Eurovision Song Contest to sing "La, la, la", but he asked to sing it in Catalan , to which the Spanish authorities would not agree.

This would be the first time he would come into conflict with the language politics of Francoist Spain , because of his decision to sing in his native Catalan language , repressed by dictator Francisco Franco. Defiantly, Serrat refused to sing the Spanish-language version, and was hurriedly replaced by Massiel , who went on to win the contest with her Spanish-language interpretation. Serrat's first son Queco is born in , and in that same year he made his first tour to South America. He released an album containing songs with texts of Antonio Machado , a well-known Spanish poet of late 19th-early 20th century.

This album brought him immediate fame in all Spain and Latin America though, in spite of this, his decision to sing in Spanish was criticized in some Catalan nationalist circles. Regarding this and other times when his choice of language sometimes Spanish, sometimes Catalan raised controversy on either side of the political sphere, he once explained: "I sing better in the language they forbid me.

In late , Serrat was exiled in Mexico due to his condemnation of capital punishment in Francoist Spain. It wasn't until Franco's death on 20 November that Serrat was able to return to his homeland. In January , the Spanish government awarded him a medal for his contribution to Hispanic culture.

In the same year, he toured "Nadie es Perfecto," through several countries in Latin American. Serrat revealed in October that he had been undergoing treatment for cancer of the urinary bladder and in November that year he had to cancel a tour of Latin America and the US in order to undergo surgery in Barcelona, where he still lives. During the tour Serrat played symphonic versions of his songs with local symphony orchestras. The university planned to reopen the theater with Serrat as its first popular culture act, thus recalling his first performance there.

However, student protests over the university conceding private entities control over some theater administration functions ended up in a physical confrontation between some student leaders and patrons attending the theater's inaugural gala, the day before Serrat's first scheduled performance. As a result, the concerts had to be postponed and changed to another venue. Serrat felt particularly uneasy about the whole situation; when he was pressed to take sides in the controversy he opted to remain neutral.

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In and , he carried a tour named "Mediterraneo da Capo" to commemorate the 47th anniversary of his mythical record "Mediterraneo". There are many artists and authors of songs that have paid homage to the figure and work of Joan Manuel Serrat. Apart from these songs that deal exclusively with the figure of Joan Manuel Serrat, there are others that mention the name of Joan Manuel Serrat or some of his songs.

Susurrantes is a project designed by Sergio Blanco, directed and coordinated by Paloma Zavala. Briedis is recognized as one of the most prolific poets, literary critic, publisher and translator in Latvia. He talks with Maximo Higuera, publisher of Ay del seis, about his literary career, his relation with the Spanish language, his translations and his poetic world. Followed by a reading of his poems in Latvian by the author and in Spanish by the translator Raquel Garcia Barobs.

The programme "It's time to talk" welcomes one of the most powerful voices of the British artistic scene: Sabrina Mahfouz. Raised in London and Cairo, she has been identified as a 'modern Renaissance woman' by The Scotsman and 'one of the rising stars of new British playwrighting' by The Herald. In , she opened the Frankfurt Fair, along with Arnon Grunberg.