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Learn more about how Verizon Media collects and uses data and how our partners collect and use data. Select 'OK' to allow Verizon Media and our partners to use your data, or 'Manage options' to review our partners and your choices. Tip: Sign In to save these choices and avoid repeating this across devices. You can always update your preferences in the Privacy Centre. Before you continue It is not uncommon for people to recognise that this is what they always wanted but did not realise until they experienced it. With the dropping away of the hope or desire to get it right, I caught a glimpse of something new; I sank into a direct if brief experience of who — or perhaps more accurately what — I am.

It took my breath away.

Be Yourself--Discover the Life You Were Meant to Live

It moved through my body like fire and left me laughing with the sheer delight of being. Oriah Mountain Dreamer spiritual teacher, describing her experience on an EI. But above all, enlightenment gives the most profound insight into reality, a sense of knowing and of oneness that is absolute … and hard to do justice with mere words!

A journey from the mundane of routine life to the warm glow of truth through the valley of despair. You then contemplate this question virtually every waking moment for three days. This is part of what makes the process intense. But instead of just holding you in continuous silent meditation, the Enlightenment Intensive technique combines this with communication exercises. These minute exercises are the main feature of the Intensive.

Then, you and your partner take turns to say what you are experiencing as you contemplate. After five minutes, you swap roles: you become the listening partner while your partner contemplates their question and tells you about their experiences. Talking with others in this way is not like having a normal conversation.

You listen and are listened to with full attention but what you say is never commented on. No advice is given, no judgements made. This provides a powerful foundation of security within the group. It gives you incredible freedom and promotes ever increasing openness.

The Intensive has a full daily schedule from early morning to late evening. Your time is spent alternating between the communication exercises and periods of silent contemplation. There are walking periods, meals, a working period and a rest period. These periods are essentially silent, other than if you are asking for information or guidance from the staff.

The schedule is designed to build up a focus of attention and energy on contemplating your question. These include no smoking, alcohol, coffee or other drugs. There are also rules which ensure that each participant is free to follow their own process. These include no touching and no commenting on any other participant in any way.

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The Enlightenment Intensive is a capsule spiritual journey which starts with thoughts and ends with truth; starts with intellect and ends with your very being; starts with games and ends with the explosion of every game, including the Intensive itself. It is this combination of continuous contemplation and contact with others that is responsible for the speed and intensity of the process.

And it is the extraordinary state of openness which results that enables enlightenment experiences to occur in a relatively short time.

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No-one can guarantee that you will have an enlightenment experience. In fact, neither you nor anyone else can make it happen. It just happens all by itself, often when you least expect it. All we can do is maximise the conditions which enable it to occur. On a typical Intensive usually about a quarter of the group will have an enlightenment experience. But taking part in an Enlightenment Intensive produces a wealth of insights, awareness and new perspectives on you and your life.

This is so irrespective of whether you have an enlightenment experience or not. What a complete transformation has happened to me in the three years I have been participating on Enlightenment Intensives. Really — from wishing life would end to now being fully self expressive and passionate about every aspect of life.

A single enlightenment experience is not a magic bullet which will solve your life and ensure your happiness forever. It is, however, a pivotal event for most people. It can resolve or eliminate certain existential issues once and for all. And it can stimulate a whole new sense of inner strength and direction in life. And some would say that enlightenment is not about change at all, but about simply accepting what is.

After all, whatever you discover in a moment of awakening already is; it always was and always will be. In a sense, nothing needs to change. But the knowing of what is does change something: it fundamentally changes your perception — and this opens up new choices. The communication element of an Enlightenment Intensive ensures that the process is very grounded. This means that much of the progress made in terms of insights and breakthroughs can be carried over into your everyday life.

Most people also find that during the week after the Intensive more insights are gained and it becomes clearer how to make further progress in life. I have had my world turned inside out and upside down by truth. I have always wanted truth and this process blows me away. I can think of nothing else that has set me so totally free. You are not required or expected to buy into any belief system whatsoever. There are no teachings, no philosophy, no religion.

And the only prerequisites on your part are a sincere desire for self-knowledge, and an openness to the possibility that you can know yourself directly, beyond your normal thoughts and perceptions, at an absolute level. It is purely and simply about you finding out for yourself through your own experience here and now.

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So if and when illumination dawns, it is a spontaneous eruption of Truth within your own consciousness, and it is entirely a result of your own inner searching. Enlightenment Intensives are not for everybody. They are indeed intense. But this is all part of what makes them so powerful and effective. You contemplate the same question for about sixteen hours a day, virtually non-stop. All your usual distractions have been taken away, so there is nothing else to do.

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You find yourself revealing your innermost thoughts and feelings to complete strangers. You might have long lost memories emerging from your unconscious. You may also run into deep-seated emotions such as guilt or grief that have been held in for many years. You find yourself crying one minute and laughing the next. You suddenly see others in a new light, as your usual filters and projections fall away.

source link You feel a silent love pervading the room. You contemplate your question but nothing seems to be there and you fear that you may be empty after all….

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In short, taking an Enlightenment Intensive is a true adventure in self-discovery, one not to be taken lightly. Taking an Enlightenment Intensive may be right for you if any of these ring true:. I would advise you not to take an Enlightenment Intensive if you are unwilling to look at yourself in complete honesty. Enlightenment Intensives simply accelerate this meeting. They encapsulate both the grace and the grit of true seeking and true finding.

You cannot hold onto your ego and expect to somehow go beyond your ego at the same time. You have to commit yourself to truth.

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And I would advise you not to take an Enlightenment Intensive if you hope that enlightenment will somehow be given to you by someone else. No-one can do it for you. It requires effort on your part. You can find some useful links on the Wikipedia entry for Enlightenment Intensives. I hope to inspire you with the very real possibility of discovering what such an experience could mean for you.

My first enlightenment experience — this is my own account of what I experienced the first time I took an Enlightenment Intensive. Enlightenment Intensives entry in Wikipedia. Since age four Ive felt as if Ive been alive for a very long time, like the passage of time an experience but none, or very little, of the essence of that time spent—more like torture.

Likewise, people who consider themselves failures will go out of their way not to succeed, contributing actively to their own undoing.