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He genuinely cares about people and his students. I can tell that hes just a wholesome person. I would love to take another class with him. This class is very straightforward, easy to pass. Professor Ryan makes it more interesting with his stories, and the content is easy to follow no textbook needed, he puts all pertinent info into the slides.

Quizzes and study guides give you all the test answers. Definitely recommend. Great professor who cares about his students' success. Expectations clear, syllabus outlines everything.

Casey Ryan

Make the effort, attend class, take notes, be respectful and study for each quiz weekly-you will pass. Gave two exams covering multiple ch's. At times used quiz Q's on tests so keep those quizzes. Communicate if you will miss class or be late. Lectures are fun and he shows a lot of inspirational videos. He give study guides for exams so as long as you study youll do great. Take him youll learn a lot during his class. Its fun.

Very interesting and is straightforward on quizzes and test as long as you study he points out what will be on it and gives a study guide he wants you to succeed, plus shows inspiration videos thatll make you cry. Also young and relatable! Super cool teacher and is easy to pass.

I'm taking him for Psych and his lectures are engaging. I didn't buy the textbook and I'm still passing the course with an A.

Casey Ryan

Mr Ryan is a cool Professor and I would take any class of his again. Easy A or B depending on your effort,. Ryan is funny and makes the material easy to understand. He gives sample test questions in class, so as long as you show up, the tests are not especially difficult. Shame led to anxiety, which caused me to withdraw and feel guilty for my actions. Causing more shame. Rinse and repeat. Addiction is commonly understood to be the result of a dependency to escape. Addicts numb themselves to pain. Not for me. I remained full of anxiety, threw temper tantrums, and was extremely fearful of people around me.

Drugs and alcohol only served to distract me from the cycle of shame for a short period, but they also produced unbearable guilt. Recovery only became possible when I realized that risking failure was better than living with shame and guilt. At 21, I finally had nothing. And nothing to lose. I was unemployed, suicidal and once again, found myself in jail. I realized taking action and not succeeding was better than living with the shame of inaction.

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In addition to my lifelong insecurities, I was now plagued by the very real judgments of my criminal actions resulting from my addictions. The thought of people learning about my past consumed me.

Casey Ryan

I did not know how to separate what I had done from the sober, functioning person I was becoming. I felt unworthy of a better life. The thought of a company running a background check stopped me from even looking for other opportunities. When my marriage failed, I was forced to confront my shame head on.

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I sought council and advice from friends and let go of the thought of being labeled a failure. I openly admitted my mistakes which led to the demise of the marriage. As I became more vulnerable and embraced imperfection, the shame faded. He reached for his stage whip, and missing it used his ready Irish fists. So the Bohunks crawled unhappily back into the car and subsided shivering and with tears in their eyes. You shut up, back there! Thereafter Pinnacle and Lund had a new standard by which to measure the courage of a man.

Had he made the trip with Casey Ryan and his new Ford? He had? By golly, he sure had nerve.

One man passed the peak for sheer bravery and rode twice with Casey, but certain others were inclined to disparage the feat, on the ground that on the second trip he was drunk. Casey did not like that. He admitted that he was a hard driver; he had always been proud because men called him the hardest driver in the West. But he argued that he was also a safe driver, and that they had no business to make such a fuss over riding with him.

Had he ever got killed?

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