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Now I believe that evil really does exist — as an absolute. What were three works of art — book or painting or piece of music, etc — you can now say, had a great effect on you and influenced your own development as a writer? In Cold Blood by Truman Capote influenced my desire to write about crimes and their ramifications, and motivations of the perpetrators. Post-Mortem by Patricia Cornwell was a major inspiration when it came out.

One was painted before he had cataracts and is more violet and the other is of the same scene, only more yellowy. He painted this when he had cataracts, which dramatically altered his perception of colours. They are a perfect example of viewpoint being influenced by personal experiences and how easily perceptions of the same scene can be altered. Considering the innumerable artistic avenues open to you, why did you choose to write a novel?

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For me, writing is like breathing, and novels allow me to explore complex issues and characters. Death Mask is about footballers behaving badly.

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I wanted to explore why we keep hearing about alleged sexual assaults and inappropriate behaviour from athletes who are admired and have so much to lose if embroiled in a scandal. This is the last straw for the management, who decide to bring in an expert to investigate the claims and help reverse the violent culture. They are pointed in the direction of a leading Australian forensic physician, the one person with the expertise for the job: Dr Anya Crichton. Together with Ethan, Anya must deftly balance her responsibilities to the Bombers management with her increasing desire to see the perpetrators of these violent crimes brought to justice.

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I hope people learn a little more about some fairly controversial issues and if nothing else, maybe have a little more empathy for victims of crime than they otherwise would have. Novelists can always learn from great film and TV writers as well. Brad Bird and John Lasseter from Pixar studios are outstanding story-tellers and create wonderful, three dimensional characters as well.

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  4. To bring that much joy to so many people is truly amazing. I would advise any aspiring writers to actually write. Attend writing conferences, meet authors, make sure you connect with people who understand what writing involves. While still in his twenties, John Purcell opened a second-hand bookshop in Mosman, Sydney, in which he sat for ten years reading, ranting and writing.

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    He lives in Sydney with his wife, two children, three dogs, five cats, unnumbered gold fish and his overlarge book collection. Follow John: Twitter Website. With no obvious cause of death and the nearest port days away, Anya volunteers her forensic expertise. She quickly uncovers a sordid pattern of sexual assaults, unchecked drug use and mysterious disappearances.

    With crew too afraid to talk, she is drawn into the underbelly of the cruise line, its dangerous secrets and the murky waters of legal accountability. Shadowed by a head of security with questionable loyalties, Anya can trust no one. One thing is certain.

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    There is a killer on board. Cold Grave is the 6th book by Kathryn Fox featuring forensic physician, Dr Anya Crichton, and after the first few pages I was barely able to tear myself away. Cleverly plotted with multiple threads that provide intriguing mystery and thrilling action, Cold Grave is a fantastic read. Inspired in part by the death of Australian Dianne Brimble, a mother of three who was drugged, raped and left to die by a group of men during a cruise in , Fox creates a compelling story exploring the seedier side of cruising that happy holiday makers are rarely aware of.

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    In Cold Grave the victim is Lily, a naive teenager and talented musician, whose death seems to be little more than an inconvenience to the crew of the luxury liner. The discovery of bruising on her inner thighs and GBH in her system during the post mortem leads Anya to suspect she was drugged and abused before being left to die in a towel cupboard on deck. A group of aggressive men on board seem to be likely suspects but proving their culpability will be difficult, especially since the crew seem reluctant to cooperate.

    Violence, espionage, missing persons, illegal practices and cover-ups put Anya, and her family, at risk with no where to go.

    Wary of the security agent who shadows her every move Anya is nevertheless determined to do what she does best, speak for the victims. While Anya can sometimes seem cold and self righteous she is, I think, more emotionally vulnerable in Cold Grave than in previous books, specifically in terms of her relationship with her ex husband and I appreciated the opportunity to gain more insight into her character. I also enjoyed seeing Martin in another light and liked him far more than I expected.

    I have to admit I am no longer as keen to one day cruise upon a luxury liner but Cold Grave is a compelling crime novel with a setting that lends itself well to suspense and intrigue. The Dr Anya Crichton series remains a firm favourite of mine and I am happy to recommend it without reservation.

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