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Commas in contracts link separate clauses in a non-definitive way, leaving their reading open to interpretation. The English language is fluid, evolving and highly subjective. In high-stakes legal agreements, how commas are deployed is crucial to their meaning. Nobles represented an insurance company in a Texas Supreme Court case concerning insurance coverage for a worker who died on the job. Nobles argued successfully that punctuation mattered for a contractual indemnity provision, when the company tried to trigger coverage under its umbrella insurance policy after a subcontracted employee died on the job.

Suddenly all tropical and semi-tropical fruits could be imported without any charge. He compares it to software code: do it right and everything works smoothly. But make a typo and the whole thing falls apart.

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Of course, in some circumstances, those drafting contracts may want to introduce ambiguities. Getting different countries to sign up to the same principles can be challenging, particularly for climate change agreements. The sentence ensures those signing the agreement have the ability to promote sustainable development — and should do so.

Moving the comma kept the naysayers happy while placating those who wanted stronger action.

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Most people try to make contract language as clear as possible — but sometimes leaving a bit of ambiguity can help both sides negotiate better Credit: Getty Images. You can use commas as part of that, too. You can lose your car keys, your temper, and even your head—but please, don't misplace your modifiers.

It's as tacky as a pork chop at a bar mitzvah. A misplaced modifier is just that: a phrase, clause, or word placed too far from the noun or pronoun it describes. As a result, the sentence fails to convey your exact meaning. But misplaced modifiers usually carry a double wallop: They often create confusion or imply something unintentionally funny.

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This is not a good thing when you want to make a competent impression with your writing. Here's an example of a misplaced modifier:.

Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers

A misplaced modifier is a phrase, clause, or word placed too far from the word or words it modifies. As this sentence is written, it means that the sister, not the puppy, is named Fido.

Dangling & Misplaced Modifiers

To correct a misplaced modifier, move the modifier as close as possible to the word or phrase it is describing. Here's how the sentence should read:. Study this chart to see how a misplaced modifier can distort a writer's meaning. Then see how I moved the modifier so the sentence makes sense. Sentence 1: The patient was referred to a psychologist with several emotional problems. These genre of games, i sometimes miss a little bit on the Megadrive.

There are a few i know, but much less than on the SNES.

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