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Lyrics Jester 1: Things are not what they appear As tonight will make quite clear But what is real will be revealed I can feel the moment's near Jester 2: Things are never what they seem That will be this evening's theme A music sights for your delight perhaps a few to make you scream Ratcliffe: You'll be surprised to see whose disguise Is the cleverest one of the lot After our show the whole world will know Who's is pretending to be what they're not If a jester's grin or a dancer's spin Should be pleasing, please say "Yay"!

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Lollipop sitting on the waiter's plate with an apple in her mouth. Crowd: He's right!

He's right! Harlequin holding his head.

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I can't thank the Lord enough for bringing this inspiration to me in my time of need. Let Your Spirit Take the Lead. Wendy Watson Nelson. Hide and Seek. Taking the Temple with You.

The Savior Heals Without a Sheri Dew , Wendy Watson Nelson. Jack R.

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Quenching Spiritual Thirst. Living on the Lord's Side o Dating and the Plan of Happ John Hilton III. Product Rating. Save 0.

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