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He holds an MFA in creative nonfiction and lives with his wife and son on a small island in Washington State. In Tides: The Science and Spirit of the Ocean , writer, sailor, and surfer Jonathan White takes readers across the globe to discover the science and spirit of ocean tides. Jump to Content. Search form Search.

Silver Tides

Jonathan White - Tides Sausalito Store. Thursday, June 28, - pm.

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Sausalito , CA Availability: Usually Ships in Days. Published: Trinity University Press - June 15th, As she passed the doorway to his office and darkroom, she caught the faint stench of some kind of chemical and saw his mechanics overalls draped over a chair. He must have been working on his car, though it didn't exactly smell like gasoline or oil. There was a vague familiarity about the odor she couldn't place. When they reached the living room, he sank onto the sofa. What's wrong?

His hands trembled, and he kept glancing out the window. Clarence had been her mentor and surrogate father ever since she got out of the navy eight years ago. He'd taught her everything she knew about mechanics and photography. He had been there when she got her chopper, and he'd held her when Jack died. Clarence and Lucy loved Alex like their own grandchild. He reached toward the coffee table and picked up a box. I'd do it myself, but I have to disappear for a while. I think he's on to me. What's this all about? He shook his head so hard a lock of hair he'd combed over his bald spot fell down on his ear.

I still can't believe it, but if I'm right, I don't want you in danger too.

Frozen Tides

Once I know for sure, you'll be the first to know. I can keep a secret. If you're in danger, let him figure out whatever this is. Not yet. Clarence had always been his own man. Focused and intelligent, he generally knew what was right and tried to heed his conscience in everything. She'd never seen him scattered and scared like this. He held the door open for her. Here, write down this phone number. I got a throwaway phone that can't be traced. Her knees felt shaky as she went to her truck and climbed inside.

She started the engine and pulled away from the house and down the long driveway leading to the road. She heard a distant thump, and it almost felt as if an invisible hand pushed her truck forward. She slammed on the brakes and looked in the rearview mirror — smoke poured from the open front door and flames shot through the roof. She gasped, then gunned the engine and wheeled the truck around. The truck tires slewed sideways, grabbed hold, and hurtled the vehicle back toward the house, where flames had engulfed the structure.

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In front of the house she stopped the truck and threw the transmission into park before she leaped out. The place was a raging inferno. No one could get through. Maybe he'd gotten out the back way. She ran around to the back door, but the porch roof was already caving in. Tears filled her eyes, and her hands shook as she pulled out her phone and dialed All she could do was pray he'd died instantly. It was a good way to keep his thoughts from drifting to Shauna's coldness. Zach's greatest joy in life was f lying his medical plane back and forth to Alaska, and it had become especially pivotal for his mental health since Jack died.

The majority of his patients were kids, and helping take care of them made him happy. He'd always thought he'd have kids of his own by now, but life had kept him busy, and he'd never found the right woman. At thirty-three, he was beginning to think he'd always be alone, but helping hurt kids had filled that void nicely. Zach stretched out his cramped back and shook his head. I need to figure out logistics for the crew. His wife, Nora, sold the best raw honey in the area.

Karl's dark hair still showed no signs of thinning, and only a few threads of silver ran through the sides. Karl shut the door behind him, blocking out the sound of fuel being pumped into Zach's plane. You've got those lines between your eyes like you're worried. She asked me to take Alex to a father-son picnic next Saturday. I thought she always crossed the street to avoid talking to you. She let me know it wasn't her idea. I guess Alex cried and begged until she agreed. And it was all Zach's fault. He'd wanted to be there for Alex, but Shauna hadn't given an inch in her determination to make him pay for his crimes.

He couldn't blame her. Before Karl could offer up some wisdom, Zach's pager went off. Gotta go. Karl wheeled around and headed toward his SUV, a gleaming white Lexus. It was only a five-minute drive to the Glennon place, but it felt like an hour. He saw the smoke when he was still a couple of miles away. It looked bad, very bad. Clarence hadn't answered Zach's text, and by the time he turned into the dirt driveway, Zach's stomach was in knots. Firemen were already hauling hoses from two trucks toward the fully engulfed structure.

The smoke obscured most of the figures standing around watching. Zach parked his truck and grabbed his turnout gear before he jumped out. Where was Clarence? He scanned the crowd as he pulled on his jacket. He ran for the closest fire engine.

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  • The fire chief, Stuart Ransom, motioned to him. Anyone seen him?

    lyforliterching.cf We're afraid he didn't make it, but we won't know for sure until we get in there. Didn't make it? That couldn't be. He struggled to maintain his equilibrium as he moved into position.

    Water shot through the hose, and he aimed it at the back windows. The fire had too much of a head start, and he doubted they'd save more than some timbers. The water began to beat back some of the f lames, but others sprang to life and devoured more of the roof like a giant dragon.

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    If Clarence was inside, all hope was lost. Spent from sobbing, Shauna sat on the wet grass and watched the firemen carry the body bag from the ruins. She should get up and do something, but she was numb. Shauna cringed at the thought of being the one to tell her. Even though the two were separated, Lucy would grieve terribly. His helmet dangled from his hand, and he still wore his firefighting uniform. I loved Clarence.