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The current goal is to demolish vacant homes each month. City of Columbus and Capital South: "The Columbus area has an extremely stable and diverse employment base, highly-educated workforce, strong and stable growth over many years, great engagement and leadership from the private corporate community, and a strong commitment to investing in the city and doing the right things to help it grow.

Board of Supervisors, with both public and private partners: "We will keep creating jobs, boosting economic development and building critical infrastructure in our City. Our continued progress on developing affordable housing, revitalizing blighted neighborhoods and generating the resources for urban infill development must continue. Lee History: The Mission Bay neighborhood is an urban redevelopment project that is uniquely San Franciscan in nature.

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The roughly acres in the project were originally a rail yard for the Southern Pacific Railroad Company. Since the project was created in , the area has rapidly become an upper-end neighborhood and the national hub for biotechnology. This will include a new public school, fire and police stations, the first new branch of the San Francisco Public Library in 40 years, 50 acres of open public space, a hotel, half a million square feet of retail space, and over 6 million square feet of commercial and biotechnology space.

Downtown Investment Authority, along with several private investments and development companies: "The Riverside Project will breathe life into the Brooklyn community, bringing needed housing, economic opportunities, and public amenities to this community. Hallmark Partners and Riverside are part of a group of pioneers working toward the redevelopment of Brooklyn. In conjunction with community leaders and area businesses, this group is leading the way for a better quality of life for downtown residents and visitors and inspiring future growth.

The result will be a mixed-use redevelopment featuring residential units, retail stores, restaurants, and an urban public park. Impact: Upon completion, these projects will provide the Brooklyn neighborhood with over multi-family residential units, 80, square feet of commercial space for retail and restaurant establishments. It will incude a community park to serve as a central gathering place for residents. That Little Bit Extra: Union Plaza will be roughly the size of a football field, able to accommodate more than one thousand people, and host special events and programs approximately days a year.

City of Indianapolis, Indianapolis Downtown, Inc. There was a sense of desperation. But all these entities banded together and came up with a plan. The leadership to keep that plan and that motivation alive for more than three decades is the most unusual part of the Indianapolis story, I think. We needed downtown housing to support the amenities, we needed visitors and tourism to support facilities, and we need a shopping in Circles Centre to tie it all together.

Velocity was cocreated by several organizations to create a specific, five-year strategic action plan for the continued success of the revitalization initiatives. Impact: There are 64 projects that are under or scheduled for construction by In and , nearly new residential units should be finished with another units expected to arrive between — Greystar Real Estate Partners: "It is our hope that Lamar Union will be cited as an example of quality urban mixed-use design, and a model for future development as Austin continues to grow.

Impact: The project will take up a total of 9 acres and will preserve the existing six theaters of the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema while adding almost 16, square feet for three new theaters. The company also designed three residential buildings that will offer apartment units, seven restaurants, a total of 86, square feet of retail space, seven restaurants, and a parking garage that has a capacity of over cars. That Little Bit Extra: In an interesting twist, the streetscape will be curbless, designed more for pedestrians rather than cars.

The goal is to commit to more intelligent planning around the management of transportation in the area.

Although the station is already a regional transit hub, it is set to be transformed shortly, because of new transit investments, such as high-speed rail and BART. Impact: The DSAP will include approximately 5 million square feet of office space, residential units, hotel rooms and over , square feet of retail space. In addition, there will be major improvements to the local bicycle and pedestrian paths.

That Little Bit Extra: Because the plan makes predictions for the next 30 years, it is extremely flexible. City of Dallas: "Downtown is a very different place than before. We have a good foundation and made a lot of progress in bringing the residential population, additional retail, the new bridge and new parks to downtown.

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All of the strategic elements are important and how we look at Dallas going forward. The goal was to connect neighborhoods, promote a stronger economy, and create a vibrant street scene. The Downtown Dallas Plan combined efforts for 15 specific areas. A strong positive of this approach is the Plan's respect for diversity while at the same time, coordinating a plethora of smaller projects so that they work well within the frame of the larger comprehensive Plan.

Impact: Since the adoption of the plan, there have been a number of large projects designed to update and renew the Downtown area. City of Dallas: "Southern Dallas is not a charity case, ladies and gentlemen, it's an investment opportunity. It's an opportunity for capital to come, businesses to grow, and citizens to have a great life.

Impact: One of the first priorities of the Initiative was to target vacant or dilapidated homes that had become havens for drug users and homeless squatters. Over demolitions were scheduled within the very first year. In their place, there will be affordable residential units built, along with commercial and office space. City of San Diego: "We're trying to create something long-term, help economic development, create jobs, deal with brownfields, and, of course, affordable housing.

Realizing that the many public projects required centralized oversight, the city created Civic San Diego, which is owned by the city as a nonprofit to be the entrepreneurial and developmental partner for specifically-targeted urban neighborhoods. The stated mission of Civic San Diego is to improve "economic and social well-being in a better-built environment" for those neighborhoods. Impact: Civic San Diego has taken up the responsibility of a number of projects designed to curb the city's urban blight and stimulate the local economy as befitting a world-class city. Some of the projects include: Horton Plaza — The history of the Plaza stretches back more than a century ago, as the local center for many of San Diego's most important celebrations, festivities, and civic meetings.

In recent years, however, the storefronts were abandoned, the iconic fountain was imprisoned behind a chain-link fence, and the entire area became a shoddy example of urban deterioration. As part of the renewal, the old Robinsons—May Building has been torn down, creating more public space and providing for a better view of the historic Balboa Theater, itself recently renovated. The Horton Plaza Park and its fountain will also be refurbished. Construction is expected to reach completion in summer of That Little Bit Extra: This year, San Diego announced its plans to become the first American city to install cybernetically-controlled street lighting, by using a tested "intelligent" light system to control several thousand LED streetlights.

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City of San Antonio Center City Development and Operations Department: "This is about helping San Antonio become a city over the next decade that's more attractive to young and single people. Young people are free agents looking to live in a city for the experiences it can give them, for the people they can meet, for the things they can do. This gives the program a framework from within which specific, measurable goals where each cause can be set.

There are currently 14 projects in development in San Antonio, representing nearly housing units suitable for every income level. One of the most dramatic will be the Peanut Factory Lofts, a mixed-use development project that includes 98 units and square feet of retail space. The City of Houston, the Houston First Corporation, and Discovery Green Conservancy: "When people come here to visit, their vision and image of Houston is now changed because of this park.

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The hectare site shuns the mono-functional sport precinct model in favour of a many-layered parkland positioned to act as both significant sports and entertainment destination and every-day community hub. It also sought to achieve critical benchmarks in brokering cultural change away from car-reliance towards alternative transport systems, which was a critical aspect of the brief.

The site offers limited on-site car-parking, with no concessions even for event parking, a move that has been somewhat controversial. But that move, says Brookfield, created opportunities not often seen with these kinds of projects — the ability to fully integrate the stadium into extensive public open spaces and community facilities to accommodate a growing population.

There is a new dedicated train station, bus hub, ferry terminal and pedestrian and cycling links, including the Matagarup Bridge , which allows pedestrians to cross the Swan River from East Perth and the CBD. The Community Arbour links the stadium and park to public transport services.

Image: Peter Bennetts. New train stations aim to encourage people away from their cars. Works involved extensive landscape rehabilitation. Image: Robert Frith. Boardwalks along the Swan River provide renewed connections to the waterway. Newly established play spaces at Optus Stadium Park. They established key working relationships with the Whadjuk Working Group, Form public art consultants, and the Royal Life Saving Society among others in order to develop key ideas, with the ultimate goal of creating a new place that solidly connected with its location, history and community.

The result is a nuanced design response, that balances tricky technical challenges, such as delivering a venue that can handle 60, capacity audiences, while also creating a public open space for every day community use. A key feature in this regard is the metre long Community Arbour and landscape corral system between the stadium and the train station. Perhaps more importantly, this long approach mitigates a crush when people leave en-masse.

Is an enhanced parking experience the key to retail revitalisation?

Essentially it is a waiting system borne from extensive pedestrian modelling undertaken by Arup. The primary motivation above all, however, is the atmosphere. F or football fans who do not partake in the consumption of illegal narcotics, a first-rate atmosphere is the drug that must be chased. T he decline of this sensation at football is in part, though not entirely, due to the strict prohibition of standing. Its increasing rarity has led many addicts to desperately pursue it.

For example, I recently attended a Scottish third division match. I remain deprived. Looking at the wide range of fan polling regarding safe-standing, however, it becomes clear that this policy change would be extremely popular. The Fighting Cock TFC , named after the famous cockerel on our crest, was accommodated by the club and often given entire sections of the stadium where standing was deemed permissible. The football was rarely close to reaching Premier League quality, but we enjoyed cheap tickets and packed terraces full of supporters not being chastised for supporting.

I f this kind of experience were to be replicated in the top two tiers of English and Welsh football, clubs could expect their emptying stands to replenish and fans would enjoy a livelier, cheaper day out with no added risk to their safety. With the Conservatives increasingly aiming to be the party of the working class, their ministers must avoid unnecessarily punitive policies in working-class institutions.