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Un cadeau sous le sapin French Translation. Set between Tropical Storm and Hurricane Watch. But do not think that's boring - the two of them have Christmas and Dar's birthday coming up! It is a time for friends and family - for reflecting on the change their lives have taken - and perhaps even for taking more of those emotional risks. Later in the day the two exchange some ghost stories including one Dar knows about the empty Vanderbilt mansion located within site of their condo.

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Intrigued despite herself, Kerry is drawn to the mansion when she spots movement in the supposedly abandoned upper rooms. Curiosity getting the best of her - she decides to investigate only to soon be desperately regretting doing so when it starts to look like something does indeed seem to still be inhabiting the lonely mansion. A short tale of Valentines Day, Dar and Kerry style. Published by Regal Crest Enterprises and available for sale from:.

Bella Books in Paperback and eBook. Tropical Storm took the lesbian reading world by storm when it was first written. Dar Roberts, corporate raider for a multi-national tech company, is cold, practical, and merciless. She does her job with razor-sharp accuracy. Friends are a luxury she cannot allow herself, and love is something she knows she'll never attain. Kerry Stuart left Michigan for Florida in an attempt to get away from her domineering politician father and the constraints of the overly conservative life her family forced upon her.

After college she worked her way into supervision at a small tech company, only to have it taken over by Dar Roberts' organization. Her association with Dar begins in disbelief, hatred, and disappointment, but when Dar unexpectedly hires Kerry as her work assistant, the dynamics of their relationship change.

Over time, a bond begins to form. But can Dar overcome years of habit and conditioning to open herself up to the uncertainty of love? And will Kerry escape from the clutches of her powerful father in order to live a better life? Published by Regal Crest Enterprises and is available for sale from:. Amazon in Paperback and Kindle eBook.

But an ambitious new colleague threatens to divide them and out them. He wants Dar's head and her job, and he's willing to use Kerry to do it. Can their home life survive the office power play?

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Dar and Kerry are redefining themselves and their priorities to build a life and a family together. But with the scheming colleagues and old flames trying to drive them apart and bring them down, the two women must overcome fear, prejudice, and their own pasts to protect the company and each other. Does their relationship have enough trust to survive the storm? Enter the lives of two captivating characters and their world that Melissa Good's thousands of fans already know and love. Your heart will be touched by the poignant realism of the story. Your senses and emotions will be electrified by the intensity of their problems.

You will care about these characters before you get very far into the story. Don't miss this exciting revised "author's cut" edition.

A Rainy Day

At first it looks like they are settling into their lives together but, as readers of this series have learned, life is never simple around Dar and Kerry. Surrounded by endless corporate intrigue, Dar experiences personal discoveries that force her to deal with issues that she had buried long ago and Kerry finally faces the consequences of her own actions. As always, they help each other through these personal challenges that, in the end, strengthen them as individuals and as a couple. Amazon in Paperback and Kindle eBoo k.

Kerry was oppressed by her family's wealth and politics. But Dar saved her from that. Now new dangers confront them from all sides. While traveling to Chicago, Kerry's plane is struck by lightning. Dar, in New York for a stockholders' meeting, senses Kerry is in trouble. They simultaneously experience feelings that are new, sensations that both are reluctant to admit when they are finally back together.

Back in Miami, a cover-up of the worst kind, problems with the military, and unexpected betrayals will cause more danger. Can Kerry help as Dar has to examine her life and loyalties and call into question all she's believed in since childhood? Will their relationship deepen through it all? Or will it be destroyed? This is the revised "author's cut edition. Don't miss this new edition. It starts off with Kerry involved in the church group of girls. While trying to help the teenagers adjust to real world situations, Kerry gets the call concerning her father's health.

Kerry flies to her family's side as her father dies, putting the family in crisis. Caught up in an international problem, Dar abandons the issue to go to Michigan, determined to support Kerry in the face of grief and hatred. Dar and Kerry face down Kerry's extended family with a little help from their own, and return home, where they decide to leave work and the world behind for a while for some time to themselves. A cruise in the eastern Caribbean is just the nice, peaceful time they need - until they get involved in a family feud, an old murder, and come face to face with pirates as their vacation turns into a race to find the key to a decades old puzzle.

Add to that an old flame, and an aggressive entreprenaur throwing down the gauntlet and Dar at least is ready to throw in the towel. Is Kerry ready to follow suit, or will she decide to step out from behind Dar's shadow and step up to the challenges they both face? Dar and Kerry are traveling - Dar overseas to clinch a deal with their new ship owner partners in England, and Kerry on a reluctant visit home for her high school reunion.

In the midst of corporate deals and personal conflict, their world goes unexpectedly out of control when an early morning spurt of unusual alarms turns out to be the beginning of a shocking nightmare neither expected.

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This is the second part of the story formerly known as Moving Target. Meet enchanting forest people, explore the various Amazon characters and their customs, learn of their family history, their sorrows, joys and fears. Join in epic battles as the duo battle a variety of villains and follow their tale as they strive to build a home for themselves after bonding as mates.

Un guerrier quel que soit son nom French Translation. Barron's Comments.

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Cover by Barron Chugg. First Solstice by Melissa Good. Premier Solstice French Translation. At a Distance by Melissa Good. They are traveling on their own once again and have begun to further explore the growing feelings between them. It is an exploration that will be put on hold suddenly when Gabrielle has to return to the Amazons to deal with a dangerous power struggle, while Xena goes to Amphipolis where she soon finds herself in a volatile situation of her own. Separated, the two can no longer ignore what they feel for one another but every day they're apart the danger grows worse until finally both realize they have no choice but to face that danger.

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Xena en profite pour rentrer dans son village. Artwork by Angelique. Wallpaper by Ciegra. Ton coeur est ton foyer French Translation. Xena immediately senses her bard's unease about returning home but does not suspect the terrible secret Gabrielle is hiding - the pain which once almost silenced the stories within her and which in a moment of desperation two years before prompted a young village girl to follow a half-crazed warlord on her quest for redemption.

It is a secret Xena will slowly unravel as Gabrielle once again finds herself amidst people with no tolerance for those who are different, forced to deal with a family who have never understood her, and having at last as a woman to confront what years before a child could not.

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For both the warrior and the bard Potidaea will be a difficult struggle but one they are determined to face together, drawing strength from their love and the incredible connection they feel even The exchanges between Xena and Gabrielle in this story are some of the most moving, most beautiful you could ever read - even the most minor scenes between them burrow themselves in your heart sparking a warmth that just makes you want to read this story again and again. Xena l'accompagne et en apprend plus sur la famille du barde. Unies French Translation. They want to see their friend Jessan but there is something else drawing them back to those unusual people - a need now to understand the strange bond some of the forest dwellers share with each other - a connection they call the lifebond - a connection Xena and Gabrielle now know they also share but need to understand.