PDF UnHoly Communion-Lessons Learned from Life among Pedophiles, Predators, and Priests

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I am not a Catholic nor do I participate in any Religious groups, although I did in the past. I believe in God. Like you, God that IS the goodness in me. Your book has revealed so much and much of it I can relate to.

I commend you for your courage to write with such honesty and dared to be bold. I admire that about you. Hope, Love and Faith in one self. With that being said, and for the lack of better words to describe your book and the impact of the message of HOPE, Love and Faith, I want to sincerely thank you. It was no accident that I picked up your book last week. It took me 8 days to complete listening to your voice, leaving me feeling, feelings I can't describe, except a reminder that "We are already powerful" and to feel empowered, we must use our powers.

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Thank you for sharing your story. Thank you for being so open and honest in your book. I just finished it here on a Sunday morning and I skipped mass to finish it. I taught in both public and Catholic school and left to start my own teaching business for many reasons having to do with the top down approach in leadership. Your book gave me a better understanding of people in power and their weaknesses. It is too bad we can't seem to figure out how to give more roles in leadership to those who really know how to lead instead of giving the roles to those who know how to control.

Thank you for living an honest life and sharing it with us. I am sure Rosie O'Donnell will love your story as well as anyone who has been raised Catholic anyone who is not Catholic will learn from it as well.

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I cannot begin to tell you how moved I was while reading your book. You are amazingly brave to have shared the inner most details of your experiences. I was raised a Catholic, although I do not belong to the Church any longer I still have grappled with my feelings. I have always been intrigued by Mother Teresa and wondered what it would have been like to have worked with her. I have read few books that have so moved me as yours.

UnHoly Communion-Lessons Learned from Life among Pedophiles, Predators, and Priests

Thank you for sharing in such an honest way. I can only imagine how hard and painful it was to write much of this book, but what a gift to the rest of us. While it doesn't compare to what you have done, I saw many parallels in your story to the one that I lived, such as the conflict that results when your inner truth doesn't match your day-to-day life, and the extremes to which our bodies will go to give voice to that truth.

Most affirming, however, was seeing in another's life the fullness of being that results from honest searching and then honoring the path that is right for you.

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Congratulations on your book, An Unquenchable Thirst. It was riveting and soul stirring! I enjoyed reading every chapter and actually know many of the Sisters and priests in your story. I have been involved with the M. I too had a deep need to know the work of Mother Teresa, and set out on my own to see and experience her work. From that experience, I returned home with a desire to know more and became involved with the Co-Workers of Mother Teresa.

I so appreciate your struggle in the community, your knowing that you couldn't stay, your difficult decision to leave something that you truly loved in order to live fully. The most powerful memoirs, in my mind, are those that make you hunger for the unfolding story, crave the language, and are executed in a way that makes you feel as if the narrator is an observer, balanced, almost omnipresent, even as the most intimate of details are shared. I found myself crawling into my bed each night, unable to stop reading. However, I had a vested interest. When I was a kid I yearned for the Catholic Church with its fractured light, incense-scented air, holy water, and elaborate altar dressing.

I was raised Lutheran, on the prairie, and my home church was, by comparison, plain. I listened to An Unquenchable Thirst as an audio book in my car. Living way up north in New Hampshire gave me ample time to listen while driving all over the state. In fact, I found myself looking for excuses to just get in my car and drive to the oddest places so that I could continue the story.

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Long after finishing Mary's book, I thought about it. I felt a desire to talk about it to other friends and found her story fascinating on many levels. First, Mary's story is honest, perhaps even when it may have been uncomfortable to do so. Second, we all search for love, meaning, and whether we believe in God in life.

Convent politics are an old genre. I remember reading them in high school when they tended to be intermixed with the issues of WWII, all the passion and debris of human aspiration and suffering. They made great movies, esp. So many forget that the church is an institution: the furnace and not the fire; the stove and not the heat; a means for managing something quite inhuman that humans seem able only to touch glancingly.

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An Unquenchable Thirst About the Book. Readers' Guide. Editions Outside the US. Responses Featured Reader Response. Let Me Hear From You. Photo and Video Gallery Photo Gallery. Video Clips. Audio Clips. Mary's Video Blog. Buy The Book. Sign Up for E-Mail List. Entries by Mary Johnson Jan 06 Dec 16 Maria writes: Please visit my website www. Nov 18 Oct 08 Apr 29 Jan 02 Dec 03 One of the things I found most shocking was the prohibition against friendship.

Oct 29 Oct 22 Cam Mirasola is an editor in New Hampshire. But the North Carolina diocese, which counts , registered Catholics, and as many as , others, mostly Hispanic Catholics, who do not formally register, has had a low incidence of sexual abuse at the hands of priests. RNS photo by Yonat Shimron. For most, that was enough. They said they saw the Mass as a first step and they appreciated the effort to bring Catholics together. Comments Strip the abusers of religious titles and prosecute them as criminals.

You might then credibly talk about healing and forgiveness. These people are the Church that give penance for sins they did not commit; but that were committed by unholy priests and an unholy hierarchy. These are the people that will demand that the church be cleansed of its filth and wickedness so that the church and its victims can heal.

What happens to the head affects the hands.

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Merits of one can help the other. The spiritual plane of action…the life of grace.. If I live my marriage with a lackluster spirit, I can not only affect my wife and family.. If I receive the Sacraments poorly, I can weaken the entire Body of Christ in some way, not perhaps traceable or observable by me, but through the eyes of faith, I must accept this interaction. One practical and less mystical example is this: If I go to Confession and the priest can tell that I have prepared poorly, that I have not examined my motives for action sincerely, perhaps a bit demandingly….

Given the number of prosecutors gunning for them, the number of prosecutions has been tiny indeed. Repenting in fancy robes is a far cry from sack cloth and ashes. What was it that Jesus said about those who ware fancy robes and sit at the places of honor? Now just a few more acts of contrition from the Pope and bishops re the systemic discrimination against women and the LGBT population and the Church may arrest its decline. All sinners are welcome at mass. Correct, the LGBT population do not view themselves as sinners for being LGBT, It is only the Church that mistakenly views them as such wallowing in its bias and in doing so goes against governments, science and common decency.

Oh yes, and the discrimination of the Church is based on misinterpreting and mistranslating Bible verse. Look at the original Greek or Aramaic. We are all sinners. We each try to hide them from God. However, they are still sinners for other reasons just like everyone else.