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Flanked by Falric and Marwyn , Arthas entered the imperial chamber and knelt before the throne. After telling his father that he no longer needed to bear the weight of his crown, Arthas walked up to Terenas and ran Frostmourne through his heart. As he drew Frostmourne, Arthas remembered the words of his old friend Varian describing his own father and king Llane being stabbed in the heart. Prince Arthas in the Death Knight manga. Arthas then unleashed the Scourge upon the Capital City.

He soon found Vivian , wife of the fallen hero Killoren.

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Sensing a conflict within Thassarian, Arthas ordered Thassarian to kill Vivian - his mother - in order to prove his loyalty. There he used his necromantic powers to raise his faithful steed Invincible into undeath, allowing it to serve as his mount once again. A few days later, Arthas appeared in Vandermar Village at the bidding of his new master, the Lich King. There he met Tichondrius the Darkener , a dreadlord like Mal'Ganis. Thinking that the dreadlord was Mal'Ganis out for revenge, Arthas immediately threatened him, only to discover that this dreadlord had come to congratulate Arthas for his efforts.

When spoken to Arthas said he no longer felt remorse for any of his actions, though deep in his heart he knew this was a lie. Arthas assembled the members of the vile Cult of the Damned that were hiding in Vandermar, and was aided by their magical abilities as he traveled to Andorhal where he was to recover Kel'Thuzad 's corpse. He confronted the paladin guarding the crypt, Gavinrad the Dire , who had given Arthas his holy warhammer at his induction ceremony into the Silver Hand.

After killing Gavinrad, he recovered the remains of the necromancer. This brought Kel'Thuzad 's ghost into being, and he secretly instructed Arthas not to trust the dreadlords. Arthas quietly contemplated this. Kel'Thuzad's remains were badly decomposed and needed to be taken to the mystical Sunwell in Quel'Thalas to be revived.

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Tichondrius sent Arthas to recover a mystical urn, which could be used to transport Kel'Thuzad's remains. However, the urn was in the keeping of the Knights of the Silver Hand. Arthas killed two paladins, Ballador the Bright and Sage Truthbearer , who both condemned Arthas's betrayal.


He then faced Uther the Lightbringer , who explained that the urn held the ashes of his father, King Terenas. The two engaged in a duel with Uther initially having the upper hand, knocking Arthas down and sending Frostmourne flying from his hands. As Arthas awaited the killing blow, the sword seemed to find its own way into his hands and he was granted more power by the Lich King.

The battle began to turn in Arthas's favor. Eventually Uther, covered in blood from his wounds, fell to his knees and told Arthas he hoped there was a special place in hell waiting for him. Arthas replied that they may never know because he intended to live forever, then delivered the killing blow.

He seized the urn and abandoned his father's remains, which suddenly swarmed on him with the wind, choking him and burning his eyes. Arthas had the remains of Kel'Thuzad placed within the urn, and then began the long journey to Quel'Thalas. Arthas met heavy resistance from the elves, rallied by Ranger-General Sylvanas Windrunner.

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Driving their forces before his undead army, he steadily pushed her people back in a swath of destruction towards Silvermoon. Sylvanas tried to warn the vast elven capital of the coming of the Scourge, but Arthas destroyed her camps and killed the Ranger-General. To make her pay for her perceived insolence towards him, Arthas corrupted her elven spirit, transforming it into a horrendous twisted form a banshee and enslaving her to the will of the Lich King, forcing her to slay her own people. Arthas and the marching armies of the Scourge annihilated Silvermoon, leaving it in ruins. On the road to the Sunwell, he fought Grand Magister Belo'vir and left him critically injured after severing his right arm.

Arthas then used the Sunwell to bring Kel'Thuzad back as an undead lich.

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As the pair traveled to Alterac , Kel'Thuzad explained the full extent of the "second invasion" and the Lich King's plan. The Scourge destroyed the orcs, and after Kel'Thuzad received orders from Archimonde, they set out for the powerful seat of the world's mages, the city of Dalaran. Archimonde instructed them to acquire the spellbook of Medivh , which would allow Kel'Thuzad to summon Archimonde into Azeroth. Despite the Kirin Tor 's valiant efforts to repel the invasion, the Scourge fought through their magical defenses and fortifications , killed the Archmage Antonidas and claimed the Book of Medivh.

Arthas and his troops repelled the mages' vast counterattack as Kel'Thuzad began the lengthy summoning of the demon lord. Once Archimonde arrived, he proclaimed that the Lich King was of no further use to the Legion, and Tichondrius was placed in command of the Scourge. Arthas was left to wonder what would become of him and Kel'Thuzad, but the lich replied that all was going as the Lich King foresaw.

Arthas was next seen in Kalimdor on the Lich King's orders, joining the Legion's invasion not to aid them but to secretly undermine their efforts. From the shadows he influenced the Scourge, causing them to disobey their demon masters. This slowed the Legion's progress towards Hyjal Summit and sometimes even allowed the Legion's enemies to escape.

When Arthas considered another way to more severely damage the Legion, he noticed Tichondrius and the Skull of Gul'dan which the dreadlord had used to create Felwood and corrupt the surrounding forests.

Wings From Ashes Trilogy

The death knight was aware that he could not destroy Tichondrius directly without attracting Archimonde's attention. When he discovered Illidan Stormrage , Arthas realized that he could manipulate someone else to kill the dreadlord instead. Arthas sensed Illidan's yearning for power and approached him in Felwood. He told the recently freed demon hunter how to claim the skull's powers as his own, whereupon he could destroy Tichondrius.

Illidan agreed to his plan, and Arthas disappeared again, [32] awaiting to be teleported by Kel'Thuzad. Arthas remained on Kalimdor until after the Battle of Mount Hyjal, which resulted in the obliteration of the Legion forces. Following Archimonde's death, the allied forces launched a counterattack on the demonic remnants. Arthas only narrowly escaped the attack. He rallied as many of the Scourge as he could before retreating back home. Archimonde left a trio of dreadlords behind in the ruined palace gardens of Lordaeron to ensure that the nation remained under control, and to watch over the cunning servitors of Ner'zhul.

When the demon lord was defeated, however, they were not originally aware of it. This changed several months later, when Arthas returned to reclaim his throne. He threatened the dreadlords, who immediately fled, and then called Sylvanas and Kel'Thuzad to his side.

Together they crushed the remaining human refugees in the area, who were led by the paladins Halahk the Lifebringer , Magroth the Defender , and Dagren the Orcslayer. However, during the climax of the battle, Arthas had a painful seizure, and felt the Lich King calling out to him. Despite his diminished powers, Arthas fought on until all the remaining humans were killed. Little did Arthas know that the Lich King's power had dwindled to the point that Sylvanas was no longer under his control. In secret, she attended a meeting with the three dreadlords, who told her that the Lich King's power was waning, and so the time had come to claim her vengeance.

Arthas was ambushed in the capital city, and was forced to collect what loyalists he could find and fight his way through the dreadlords' forces, which included the powerful abomination Bloodfeast. As he arrived on the city's limits, he was saved by a cadre of banshees, who told him that Sylvanas had sent them to see him safely away. Sylvanas then appeared and shot him with a paralyzing arrow.

Kel'Thuzad stepped in and chased her off at the last moment. But the Lich King's mental cries pierced Arthas's mind - he was told to return to Northrend, for demonic forces later revealed to be Illidan and the naga were working to destroy the Frozen Throne and end the self-proclaimed king's reign. Immediately, Arthas prepared his fleet and set sail for Northrend, leaving Kel'Thuzad behind to watch over Lordaeron.

Three weeks later, Arthas landed upon the familiar coast of Northrend , and unexpectedly found himself being attacked by blood elves led by Kael'thas , hungry for vengeance at their kingdom's destruction. Arthas was unexpectedly saved by a large crypt lord who introduced himself as Anub'arak , the former king of Azjol-Nerub. Kael'thas warned that though the preliminary scouting force may have fallen, their main army would not be so easily defeated, before teleporting away to safety. Arthas worried that he may be right, and that they would never reach Icecrown Citadel before Illidan, but Anub'arak thought differently.

He suggested that they delve into the shattered kingdom of Azjol-Nerub, using the underground passageways to beat Illidan to the Glacier. Seeing little other choice, Arthas agreed.

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Anub'arak suggested raiding the hoard of Sapphiron , an ancient blue dragon and servant of Malygos , and equipping themselves with the dragon's treasures. Not only did they slay the dragon, but Arthas used what power he had left to raise Sapphiron into a powerful frost wyrm. When he came to the doors of Azjol-Nerub, Arthas found himself being fired upon by dwarves, who revealed themselves to be followers of Muradin who had remained there when their leader appeared to die.

Now, they were led by Muradin's second in command, Baelgun Flamebeard. Leaving Sapphiron outside, Arthas battled through not only Baelgun's dwarves, but also the nerubian survivors, as he delved into the broken Spider Kingdom. Anub'arak's aid was invaluable, as he circumvented many traps which would have cut Arthas's stay fatally short. When Arthas faced off against Baelgun, the dwarf warned that the shifting earth had released an ancient evil from below the kingdom. Arthas and Anub'arak even managed to defeat the incredibly powerful forgotten one.

As they made their way to the Upper Kingdom, an earthquake collapsed part of the passage they were in, separating Anub'arak from Arthas. The young king had to rely upon his wits to see himself through several daunting booby traps before Anub'arak dug his way to Arthas. Once reunited, the crypt lord complimented the young death knight, saying he now understood why Ner'zhul had chosen him as his champion. Ner'zhul replenished Arthas's powers, knowing he would need them in the coming battle.

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